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My name is Nicole and I'm a Mompreneur

My corporate climb hit a sweet detour called motherhood. Juggling boardrooms and baby bottles wasn't something I pictured myself doing.  But instead of surrendering, I made a leap. Entrepreneurship wasn't something I ever dreamt of, but it became my unexpected dream come true.

The journey wasn't a walk in the park. But through stumbles, lessons, and late-night hustle, I carved my own path. Now, I thrive in the sweet spot: a Mompreneur life where my professional and personal worlds balance each other out. 

This is a space for sharing hacks and a lifestyle I never knew about. 

Ready to join the tribe? Dive into my blog posts, get inspired by my videos, and discover how you can live a life filled with purpose, passion, and that sprinkle of Mompreneur magic.  Follow along to live the life you design.

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Let's Work Together



Product Ambassador 

Forget generic pitches. I highlight how your product solves real mom problems, saves time, and sparks joy – all through the relatable lens of Mompreneurship.


Collab Content

Join forces! We co-create engaging blog posts, social media campaigns, or video testimonials – amplifying your brand with my storytelling magic.


Product Review

 I'll highlight how your product solves real Mompreneur problems, saves precious time, or makes life easier. Your audience will feel seen and ready to click "buy."

The chaos is beautiful, the struggles are defining, and the journey is ours. Let's build empires, raise tiny humans, and know we're not alone. I'm here to share another lifestyle that lets you have the best of both worlds!

Mompreneur Hacks

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Introducing my Mompreneur Hacks video series, your ultimate guide to reclaiming time and accomplishing tasks with ease. Join me as we unlock the secrets to efficient productivity, helping you balance your roles as a mom and entrepreneur.

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Nicole Cosentino / Mompreneur
3 tips on fashion and how to save time #mompreneurlife
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3 tips on fashion and how to save time #mompreneurlife

3 tips on fashion and how to save time #mompreneurlife

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Digital Tools that help Mompreneurs

Digital Tools that help Mompreneurs

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Balancing Screen time

Balancing Screen time

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Reach your 2024 goals with self love

Reach your 2024 goals with self love

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